Birman Cat Breeds in Seattle-Tacoma WA

Birman Cat Breeds in Seattle-Tacoma WA Washington USA

Birman Cat Breeds

The Birman cat breed originated in Myanmar and France, and it is a mix between the Siamese and the Angora or Persian cats. Birmans are recognized for being sociable, lively, and affectionate, and they are frequently simple to integrate into family situations. They are also recognized for their patience, gentleness, and kindness, and they like human interaction.

Other cat breeds linked to Birmans include the following:


A gentle breed evolved from Birmans, recognized for its love and ease of training.


A breed that resembles Siamese cats but differs from Birmans.


Burmese-Siamese cats are an uncommon, clever, and noisy breed.


A loving and lovable breed with a glossy black coat, a mix between the sable Burmese and the black American Shorthair.


A mix of longhaired breeds including Birmans, Persians, Turkish Angoras, and longhaired domestic cats.

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Why are Birman cats rare?

Birman cats are considered a rare breed since their population was nearly wiped out during World War 2. [Birman Cat Breeds]

By the conclusion of the war, only two Birmans remained in Europe, thus the breed was reconstructed by breeding them with long-haired breeds like as Persians and Siamese.

Pure Birman litters were reintroduced in the early 1950s, and the breed was officially recognized in Britain in 1965 and by the CFA in 1966.

Birmans are recognized for their sweet demeanor, pale bodies with black tips, and deep blue eyes. They are also known as the “Sacred Cat of Burma” and are raised for their personality and sociability.

Birmans are extremely clever, curious, and lively, and they prefer to have an animal friend. However, they do not thrive when left alone for extended periods of time.

Birmans may be pricey owing to their unique characteristics and natural beauty.

Some prevalent health difficulties for Birmans are:

  • Gingivitis
  • Congenital hypotrichosis.
  • Corneal Dermoid
  • Spongiform degeneration.
  • Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
  • increased vulnerability to infection.
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease.
  • Thymicoplasia

[Birman Cat Breeds]

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