Ragdoll Birman Cat in Seattle-Tacoma WA USA

Ragdoll Birman Cat in Seattle-Tacoma WA Washington USA

Ragdoll Birman Cat

Ragdolls also have colored point coats, which means that their coats are light in color but their faces, tails, ears, and limbs are darker. Ragdoll kittens are in high demand, costing roughly $1,000 from a good breeder and more than $2,000 for show-quality kittens.

Ragdoll and Birman cats resemble similar, but differ in size, hair, and temperament:


Ragdolls are giant cats weighing up to 20 pounds, whilst Birmans are medium-sized cats weighing up to 12 pounds.


Ragdolls have soft, fluffy fur, whilst Birmans have silky fur with minimal undercoat.


Ragdolls are recognized for being calm and docile, whilst Birmans are known for being friendly and lively.


Ragdolls have wedge-shaped heads, whilst Birmans have spherical ones. [Ragdoll Birman Cat]


Ragdolls have medium-sized, wide-set ears, whilst Birmans have tiny ones.


Ragdolls have long tails, whilst Birmans have medium-length ones.


Ragdolls have big, expressive blue eyes, whilst Birmans have round, bright blue eyes.

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Should I get a Rag Doll or a Birman?

Ragdolls may need more care than Birmans and might become lonely more readily. Both types require frequent grooming to avoid matting and hairballs, and they tend to shed. [Ragdoll Birman Cat]

Here is some further information on Ragdoll and Birman cats:

Ragdoll Cat

These cats are distinguished by their huge, round eyes and a tendency to go limp and floppy when picked up, thus the term “Ragdoll”. They are endemic to California and have a lifetime of 12 to 15 years.

Birman Cat

These cats are a rare breed from Myanmar, sometimes known as Burma, with a lifetime of 13–15 years. They have long, silky hair and darker blue eyes.